As Ferenc Sebő famously put it, tradition is not a prisoner to be kept, nor a sick man to tend to – tradition is to be experienced. The same spirit informs the next National Salon, which presents artisans and artists who draw inspiration from the tradition of folk art.

The Nomad Generation of the 1970s and the dance house movement established a new attitude towards folk art. Folk dance left the stages, artisanal objects came to be appreciated for their form and function.

This intellectually highly inspiring period saw music and dance come together with artisanship, architecture, its sister arts and the newly emerging ecologically conscious lifestyle. Over the past 50 years the movement has proved to be far more than a fad, or the subculture of a generation in revolt. This model of maintaining traditions has become part of the world’s intellectual heritage. 

Chief curator: Katalin Beszprémy
Curator: Ágnes Fülemile
Co-curators: Zoltán G. Szabó, Miklósné Pál and Béla Szerényi